Our motto is to make the lives of our customers simpler through the use of modern technology. Our services have helped business owners and companies complete a wide variety of tasks such as administrative duties, eCommerce integration, reporting, research and surveillance. With today’s massive amount of information available, executives and senior managers simply don’t have the time to sort through all their options available. By hiring a dedicated assistant you can focus on the decision and not on the task.

Web Design & Application Development:
From simple to complex, we focus on a full range of website services catered to your specific needs. We know that your website’s homepage is the first virtual glimpse that a potential client, customer, or other business entity sees. A poorly designed and constructed website – or a difficult to navigate website – has the potential to not only decrease your chance of attracting customers or clients, but can damage your reputation as a professional.

RTs Technologies takes the time to understand your specific goals and develop a site that’s not just attractive and well-functioning, but that promotes your business even when you can’t. Our web design services include but are not limited to:

# SEO Services
# Layout and Print Design
# Content Writing
# Maintenance

We realize the importance of competition. That’s why we focus on services that enhance branding, communication, and engagement. Whether you’re looking for a mobile-ready website, a customized web application, or marketing solutions, look no further than RTs Technologies when it comes to your website. Whether you’re promoting a book or you’re a CEO of a large corporation, you need website designs that get you noticed. An attractive, well laid-out website is only the beginning.

Invoice Data Processing:
Invoice processing is a crucial task for any business irrespective of the fact whether it is B2C or B2B. If your invoice amount is not correct, then you might land up with a low score in your customer satisfaction numbers. Many key metrics such as number of invoices handled every month, time taken to process them, the number of people involved, etc. play a key part in ensuring streamlined business operations.

Virtual Assistant/Client Support:
Customer service lies at the heart of every business. Good customer service can literally make the difference between success and failure, because so much hinges on what our customers think about us – credibility, reputation, branding, etc. Yet being able to deliver good customer service is challenging for many business owners and is often abandoned for ‘just enough’.

Unlike our High Street shop or large company equivalents, as a small business owner we’re often doing the jobs of several people – manager, bookkeeper, call handler, etc. Trying to fit in excellent customer service around the many other necessary tasks can be a bit of a nightmare. Are you doing ‘just enough’ to keep your customers happy rather than the first class service you want to deliver?

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