This course trains you how to use Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) in office work such as creating professional quality documents, store, organize & analyse information, arithmetic operations and functions and create dynamic slide presentations with animation, narration, images, and much more digitally and effectively.

Microsoft Word (MS Word)

  • Create, Edit, Save & Print Text Documents
  • CV/Resume Creation
  • Font & Paragraph Formatting
  • Simple Character Formatting
  • Insert Tables, Smart Art, Page Breaks
  • Use Lists & Styles
  • Work With Images
  • Use Spelling & Grammar Check
  • Understand Document Properties
  • Mail Merge

Microsoft Excel (MS Excel)

  • Spreadsheet Basics
  • Create, Edit, Save & Print Spreadsheets
  • Work With Functions & Formulas
  • Modify Worksheets With Color & Auto Formats
  • Graphically Represent Data- Charts & Graphs
  • Speed Data Entry- Using Data Forms
  • Analyse Data- Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • Format Worksheets
  • Secure & Protect Spreadsheets

Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)

  • Open, View, Create & Print Slides
  • Apply Auto Layouts
  • Add Custom Animation
  • Use Slide Transitions
  • Graphically Represent Data- Charts & Graphs
  • Create Professional Slide Presentation

Internet/Web Browsing

  • Understand How To Search/Google
  • Bookmark & Visit Specific Website
  • Copy & Paste Internet Content Into Word File
  • Understand Social Media Platforms (Facebook & YouTube)
  • Email & Other Internet Research

Basic Computer Training

There are total 20 (Twenty) Lectures throughout the whole course.

We will provide you up to 6 (Six) Months Online Support from the beginning of the course.

Class duration is approximately 40 Hours (2 Hours Each Class)

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